Friday, January 2, 2009

Doolittle:Higgins::You:Cheap Wine

How do you turn your 2-for-$3.99 convenience store wine into something you are not ashamed to serve to guests with teeth? There is a way:

Fortunately, there is one technique that stands out from the rest. It is backed by a decade of research, the results have been published in a peer-reviewed journal and the end product has passed the ultimate test- blind tasting by a panel of wine experts. No fewer than five wineries have now invested in the technology.

The secret this time is an electric field. Pass an undrinkable, raw red wine between a set of high-voltage electrodes and it becomes pleasantly quaffable. "Using an electric field to accelerate ageing is a feasible way to shorten maturation times and improve the quality of young wine," says Hervé Alexandre, professor of oenology at the University of Burgundy, close to some of France's finest vineyards.
Something tells me subtleties of this will be lost in the trailer parks and fraternity houses -- surely not every wine can be improved in this way, and surely not every jury-rigged electrical contraption will produce the right sort of electric field. I picture bath tubs filled with Mad Dog "ennobled" by dropping in a live curling iron or clock radio.


Aimée said...

"2-for-$3.99 convenience store wine" - such a thing exists? That may be the problem and the solution!

Dale said...

Aimee, I am never surprised at what I find for sale at a convenience store. Nor should you be. It's quite a little corner of today's modern world, the convenience store.