Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Bounty

While it's true that the internets are likely to deprive us of the music industry, the film industry, print journalism, and the human attention span, it gives ready access to spectacles such as this one -- no standing in lines, no waiting around for the made-for-TV special, no one to bore us with "explanations" and "context" and crap like that:

And the internet is always there -- as far as we know -- to remind us of simpler times:

In fairness, recall that they eventually did rename the product, but sadly renamed it from "AYDS" to "Bird Flew," which only bought them a few years of commercial viability.

(via Portland Mercury and Andrew Sullivan)


larryniven said...

I have to say, that bananas thing creeps the fuck out of me. Not that I can't understand why people like it, but augh. I'll take that cat bothering the sleeping guy from Andrew Sullivan over that bananas thing any day.

Dale said...

LN, I agree it's rather creepy (especially after a while) but it's also oddly hilarious. My son loves it and he's right to.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

"Ayds helped me get into a size 12".

Oy. How that sounds.