Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hard Truth

I wish I could find the flaw in this summary of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict by Gwynne Dyer:

It's just one more conquerors-versus-previous-inhabitants conflict, like the European settlers versus the Indians in the Americas in the 18th century - or, for that matter, the Israelites versus the Canaanites 3000 years ago.

Those earlier conflicts were all settled by force, but the world has changed and force doesn't work so well any more. Israel has the power to hammer the Palestinians endlessly, but they don't give up and go away.

They cannot, and neither can the Israelis. Neither side can eliminate the other, as has been amply and repeatedly demonstrated.
Neither side can eliminate the other; neither side will rescind demands the other side finds unacceptable; and neither side will "give up and go away," even though each side is always ready with suggestions on where the other side should go -- to south Florida, to Europe, to Jordan, to Syria, to Greenland, to hell, into the sea, what have you.

There's at least one more to add, of no small importance: neither the Jewish god nor the Muslim god will beam down to adjudicate and enforce the territorial claim his worshippers so fervently assert.

And so it goes.

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