Monday, January 26, 2009

Mayor Adams Moving On

After some hemming and hawing, Portland's mayor is staying in office:

"I know I've screwed up and let people down. But I still think I have a positive contribution to make," Adams told The Oregonian on Sunday. "I've learned some really important lessons, and I know I have to work hard to rebuild trust. All I can do is show up on Monday morning and start that process."
While it remains true that Adams violated a kind of trust to which voters were never entitled (and still are not), it can only be good that he will be especially determined, and subject to particular pressure, to win and maintain credibility and trust. There surely are forms of trust to which voters are entitled in connection with a mayor: the expectation that he will use the office to place the public good over his private good, that he will listen to the community as he formulates and decides policy, that he will respect the lawful limits of his powers, and so on.

So now we move on to actual problems, of which there is no shortage. Good.

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Domestically Challenged said...

YAY!!! At least until the AG investigation decides kissing a 17yo does constitute some form of sexual abuse... idiots. I will be so disappointed at our state of they even try to go there.