Monday, January 19, 2009

Observable Heroism

Chesley Sullenberger is a genuine hero. That said, this needs to be said:

Calling it a 'miracle' combines flimsy theology with groundless truth-claims, and it detracts from Chesley Sullenberger's heroism. Sullenberger used hard-earned knowledge and experience to avert greater disaster and save hundreds of lives. No supernatural beings were involved or needed.

And he was not alone in displaying courage and ability. This, too, needs to be said, even though Rachel Maddow does deploy the vacuous m-word along the way. Everything else she says deserves to be underscored, particularly everything beginning at about 2:45 into this video:

(via PZ Myers)


Anonymous said...

Your buddy edward is total idiot. I am trying extremely hard not to swear hear but I don't really know how to respond to this degree of stupidity. He's stupidicle. Moronicle. Asininicle.

Anonymous said...

Damn It! I spelled here the wrong way. Crap.

Dale said...

Anon., It seems your efforts to try extremely hard for courtesy have gone too far -- you were too kind to state the nature of my buddy's idiocy.

Don't be shy -- we're all buddies here.