Monday, January 12, 2009

Punk'd by the Vatican

We should have seen this coming when the Catholic Church tried to pretend to want to seem relevant to modern life by revising its list of damnable sins to include, among other things, environmental degradation. That was the setup, and this is the punchline:

The contraceptive pill is polluting the environment and is in part responsible for male infertility, a report in the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano said Saturday.

The pill "has for some years had devastating effects on the environment by releasing tonnes of hormones into nature" through female urine, said [a Vatican bigshot who vaguely resembles Ashton Kutcher] ... "We have sufficient evidence to state that a non-negligible cause of male infertility in the West is the environmental pollution caused by the pill," he said, without elaborating further.
And why elaborate further when nothing kills a joke faster than over-explaining it?

Watch the headlines for the next episode of Punk'd by the Vatican, in which the immorality of economic equality will be revealed to be reducible to the ickiness of gays.

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