Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So Let Them

John Cole has good political advice for Senate Democrats, who will soon face red-faced tantrums from Republicans over seating Minnesota Senator Franken, who has narrowly won Minnesota's Senate race. Cole:

Let them bring in the cameras and stomp their feet, when to the majority of the nation it looks like Franken is the winner. While the Republicans are on the Capitol Steps with their “Free Mumia Norm” signs, hold a public forum on the stimulus package. The perception from the country will be that when everything is going to shit domestically, the Republican party is… acting like spoiled children. Again. How do you think the guy who just lost his job or his health care or had his house foreclosed is going to react to news reports of Republicans protesting the seating of the winner of an election?
The same advice applies equally to seating Senator Burris for Illinois. No amount of whining, grandstanding, or fake outrage changes the fact that Franken and Burris are Senators under the law. And the Senate has very important work to do.

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