Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Spain-Sized Kudos to George W. Bush

Has someone replaced the shitty president we've had for eight long years with some other guy, and if so, why didn't they do it sooner? This is an actual news item:

Invoking powers of the Antiquities Act of 1906 that are used to protect statues and cultural sites, Bush will sharply restrict oil and gas exploration and commercial fishing around numerous remote islands in the central and western Pacific that have long been U.S. possessions. Scientists identified them as biologically and geologically rich areas. The monuments, which together are equal in size to Spain, include regions teeming with sharks and other top marine predators, along with vibrant coral and hydrothermal vents.
Never let it be said that the presidency of George W. Bush was 100% horrible; henceforth that will be an unfair exaggeration, albeit slight. What he did to protect these expanses of ocean habitat deserves to be long and fondly remembered.

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