Saturday, January 31, 2009

Things You Need to Know



Civilization would die without youtube.


Reuben said...

Having lived and worked on a dairy farm, I want to suggest that sneaking up on a standing cow in an open area is very, very difficult for one person, much less for the several people needed to tip a cow. They simply have too good of hearing and wide an angle of vision, even if you're down wind. Not that a cow has never ever been tipped, but my money would be on the cow tipping the people every time.

Also, if you were to tip a full-grown cow, you might very well break its hip (or at least impair its health), which would be the end of the road for that animal. Not too many farmers willing to put up money for that kind of surgery. And a good cow can cost more than your car!

Also, there's this study by the UBC:

I have nothing to say about noodling.

Dale said...

Reuben, I'm not sure cow-tipping is real. I am sure it's a bad idea. But noodling? Pure grace. Stand in a muddy stream and try to attract a gigantic catfish to your wriggling fingers. What could go wrong?