Saturday, January 24, 2009

Up from Crap

A species of beetle has replaced the fine turds it would normally eat with millipedes:

A ferocious scarab species has been filmed in Peru attacking and eating millipedes 10 times its length ... The carnivorous beetles use the same mouthparts their cousins use to extract bacteria from dung and carrion as weapons to assault and kill their much larger prey.
Oooh burn! Millipedes are just one step up on the prey ladder from shit! Or so I was about to assert before I read that researchers
set up more than 1,000 traps containing different treats to tempt the beetles.

These included a traditional menu of dung, fungus and fruit, as well as millipedes, which were live, injured or dead.

They found D. valgum fed exclusively on the millipedes, preferring prey which were alive but injured.
Millipedes can take pride knowing their fresh flesh tastes better than decaying millipede flesh, fungus, fruit, and wads of scat.

I am probably anthropomorphizing all of this too much, but at least I've successfully fought the urge to embed icky animal fighting videos.

(via Cranium Creek)

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