Friday, February 20, 2009

Adam Carolla: God as Fake Styrofoam Camera

Radio is dumber and less funny as of today because today is the last broadcast of the Adam Carolla show on CBS radio. CBS has determined it can get better margins by buying and selling stupid, and maybe they're right.

Not that Carolla always makes the most careful of observations with which no reasonable listener could disagree. But he's not an idiot, and does not genuflect before idiocy, and that should count for something. Apparently it does not count for enough at CBS radio, nor do the show's high ratings.

Here's a reasonably representative rant from his radio show (with co-host Teresa Strasser chiming in when she can manage) on a topic close to my black little heart, atheism:

Here is another, funnier rant on the same topic.

I hope he resurfaces within hearing range soon. For now, beginning Monday, he has promised podcasts that will be available from his web site.


Mike said...

I always liked him on the Man Show. I never figured out why Jimmy Kimmel got the network TV gig. I suppose Kimmel comes off as more non-threatening to network suits, but Adam was usually quicker-witted and funnier.

Silent_Majority said...

I see now, anyone who actually believes in GOd is an idiot. I consider myself to be intelligent. I am a student of science, specifically physics, and find that science is lost as to answers concerning out beginings. Science, atheism et al all fall apart at the moment this universe came into being. There is a point where something came into existence from nothing. There was no universe and then there was a universe. How would you explain this something from nothing. Science cannot. Its magic its God its something different for everyone but what it is not is science. Nothing exists forever and nothing comes from nothing. If your goal is to destroy religion you will first have to do what no one can possibly do and that is explain away the begining of our universe. Good luck, and God bless you in your endeavors.

Dale said...

Silent_Majority, labeling your ignorance of the universe's origins as "god" answers nothing, explains nothing, achieves nothing, expresses nothing. You might as well assert it was crapped out of a great cosmic spider.

You've replaced one unanswered question with another.

Science does not yet have the definitive account of the origins of the universe. Scientists admit this; the state of science is what it is. Research continues.

Had the people who used to pray for understanding of the tides, the seasons, and disease won the argument -- just blabber "god did it" and do a victory dance -- we would have gotten nowhere toward actual understanding of these things.

Nothing fails like prayer.