Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another Failed Haiku

  • If you missed it (as I did at first), the 110th Carnival of the Godless is up for reading at The Greenbelt.
  • Clearly, the Washington Post does not fact-check George Will. I could name hundreds of individuals -- I'm only one of them -- who would willingly accept large sums of money in exchange for writing lazily-doodled, unedited, dishonest opinion pieces in the Washington Post, or indeed any newspaper. Seriously! I can start today! Call me!
  • Lest we forget the sacrifices and indignities of the snake who made this man so famous:

  • I realize I am late to this discussion, but was Heath Ledger's Joker in The Dark Knight inspired by Tom Waits? It's not a ridiculous suggestion. Not quite.
  • Yep, no matter how generous a reading I give myself as I look over this post, it simply is not a haiku.It is quite possibly the worst attempt at a haiku in the history of haikus (haikeaux?).

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