Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Fake Recantation Continues

The Times Online reports that

The bishop [Richard Williamson] whose excommunication was lifted by the Pope despite his denial of the full extent of the Holocaust has arrived in Britain after being threatened with expulsion by Argentina ... The Times has learned that, while in Britain, he is planning to meet the revisionist historian David Irving, in order to find out how to present his views on the Holocaust without arousing controversy.
This is all so precious. Under the guise of reviewing the historical evidence as the Pope winkingly commanded him to do, Williamson has made a bee-line for other deniers masquerading as historians, with whom he will brainstorm on framing techniques that might convince the Pope of the sincerity of his recantation-free recantation -- or, putting euphemisms and other self-serving bullshit aside, provide a sequence of plausible- and sincere-sounding sentences that will successfully forestall any further public relations problems for Williamson, Ratzinger, their Church, or its historical campaign to associate Jews with "deicide."

(Via Normblog)

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