Saturday, February 28, 2009

Google's Ken

Google adSense sucks. It's absolutely terrible. And yet google is capitalized at multiples of sane ($337.99 per share as of this writing, P/E ratio of 25+) because, for among other reasons, it has supposedly set the standard for web-based advertising.

Sweet Karl Rove's striped underwear!

I have been banging away at this precious, precious blog for over two years, day after day. I believe I have made my views clear on a variety of topics, and I have gone a long way toward defining the range of the things I like to think about, write about, and otherwise take interest in. I have been many things, but I have rarely been coy or retiring about my likes and dislikes, passions, mood swings, and interests. I think it's fair to assume that anyone who tunes in, so to speak, shares these same predilections, in whole or in part.

Here's what I mean when I say google sucks at this. I just checked the adSense ads that google is placing at the top of this precious, precious blog, and what I found is described below. I am not linking to any of the advertising entities because they're awful or ridiculous or both, and the point is, they have no business getting inbound links from here:

  • A link to a batshit offshoot of the Catholic Church that touts itself as a defender of the "real" Catholic Church against the "false" Vatican II church. I gather google's ad sense selected this ad because it brilliantly noticed all my mentions of the Vatican, Catholicism, Ratzinger, et. al., without bothering to "sense" that these mentions tend to come with terms like "pedophile" and "child rape" and "bullshit."
  • Some other batshit Christian web site or service or church or cult or whatever that claims to have read the animal entrails just right and thereby divined just exactly what Jesus prefers and which people he plans to roast in hell.
  • Something or other -- a scam, I assume -- offering Christian housewives the chance to make money working from home.
  • A construction contractor in Tallahassee. Tallahassee, Florida. Seriously. To humor this result, I checked google analytics, and it shows a grand total of seven visits from the greater Tallahassee, Florida area, the last one being twelve days ago. To further humor this result, I searched this blog for Tallahassee, and I have never mentioned it, not a single time -- not until this very post you're reading. I fully expect this will be the last time I mention it unless something unforeseen happens that makes Tallahassee worth mentioning. As a last resort, I checked for instances in which I mentioned Florida, and they're almost all either quoting someone else mentioning Florida or discussions of presidential electioneering. For people who are looking to get some construction work done in Florida's panhandle, this blog offers nothing. No, make that less than nothing.
So herewith I remove the adSense banner, somewhat abashed that I didn't remove it on the strength of similar observations in the past, and that I ever put it there in the first place. Good riddance.

If adSense is the state of whatever art it is trying to be, I would hate to see examples of it done badly.

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