Saturday, February 14, 2009

I am not making fun of Clatskanie

From time to time I have been guilty of heaping abuse on small towns for the smallest of slights: poorly-timed traffic signals, overlarge bronze idols, native son presidential candidates with a not-quite-completely-thought-out policy platform, but not today. Today I salute the town in which I spent most of the last 16 hours -- Clatskanie, Oregon, a ruggedly beautiful town nestled, roughly, where the Columbia River crosses paths with the Oregon Coast Range.

It helps that Clatskanie has some excellent hills, a few of which I took the time to run up and down and up again today. The one beyond the rooves in this photo is just one example, and it unfolded to more hills beyond, and to more beyond that seemingly without end.

Now, with all of this said, I did note that Clatskanie has a gun shop located front and center along its main boulevard, and that it was touting a sale on ammo today. But I am not going to dwell on that. Not now. I am committed to keeping this post pro-Clatskanie.


J. Carter Wood said...

Sounds like a nice place.

And I can't see why, on principle, why you'd have anything against cheap ammo. That stuff's expensive, man.

They might have even had a nice left-handed rifle in stock....

(By the way, the letters I had to type in to get my comment printed -- the word verification thingy, I forget the proper techie-name for these things -- was 'ovelech'. I think that should definitely be a word. But what would it mean?)

Dale said...

JCW, I can't tell you how close I came to actually walking in there and asking to be shown the collection of left-hand rifles. But as I got closer, it got no easier to pick out any details in the interior of the place, and that made me uneasy.

J. Carter Wood said...


I understand. It was an...ovelechy kind of sensation?

Those kind of astume shops ('astume' is today's Captcha code--the word I was looking for before) always leave me cold too.

I demand a well-lit, spacious and above all friendly store in which to buy bullets.

Unless they have an especially good deal...