Monday, February 9, 2009

I [Heart] Gmaps Pedometer

GMaps Pedometer was always awesome and now it's even better:

Automatic routes! Your route will now automatically follow the roads along the course you have chosen! This will make routes much quicker and easier (and more fun!) to make. There are two automatic modes: one for bikers, which follows the rules of the road, such as one-way streets and the like, and one for runners, which strictly follows the roads. If you preferred the old method using straight lines, that's still available too -- now called "Manual".
No more trying to render the little curves and curls in the road one straight line segment at a time.

Another other really cool thing you can do with Gmaps Pedometer is to enter random route numbers and see where it puts you. Just enter an address like this into your browser:, where xxxxx is a number you pull out of thin air. Three digits? Four digits? Five? Six? It all works and lands in the most unexpected places.

By the way, all you know about the route is that someone drew that route and saved it at some point in time. No one's name is on it, nor is the reason they drew it. It's no more revealing of any personal data than any google map.

Where might it place you? Michigan? Vermont? Georgia? California?

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