Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Make Sure You Have Your Say

Neko Case loves 17 things, including Canada, honeycrisp apples, paintings by Amy Casey (City Calm Down shown above), and remembering dreams:

I think this may be my very favorite thing on Earth. I have a lot of dreams where people who’ve passed away call me on the phone. It’s always a grey princess phone. Hmm. I had a dream where I worked in a jack-off parlor. Is there even such a thing as a “jack-off parlor?” I didn’t actually see any of that go down in the dream; it was more about observing little details about my co-workers, who were a surly bunch of girls. A lot of the songs on my record come from dreams—“This Tornado Loves You” and “Prison Girls” both. Once I dreamt I was getting it on with Steve Earle and Madonna. She told me my hair looked like a wig. I had a dream where Jim James from My Morning Jacket and my friend Jocelyne were driving around in a beat up Smart car looking for an elephant that had gotten loose from a local farm. I guess Jocelyne was going to lead the elephant home by his leash out the window. Jim was using only a walkie-talkie to communicate, even to speak to Jocelyne, who was sitting right next to him—in a Smart car! It was awesome. I could go on. But the best dream I’ve had lately was where my grandma called me on the grey princess phone, and I answered it in the middle of a big green pasture. She passed away a year ago, but she was calling to tell me she was feeling much better and wanted me to know she was looking out for me. She said she was traveling through Thailand and having a ball; in fact she had to go so she wouldn’t miss her connection. “Wait!” I said, “Do you have anything else to tell me?” She thought about it for quite a while. She finally answered in a soft and serious tone, “Make sure you have your say.” She said it like she was telling everyone, so I thought I should let you know.

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