Tuesday, February 10, 2009

News You Can't Use

Now that I have been mentioned by in a major(-to-me) daily newspaper, I am famous. And no, I do not mean in the police blotter or obituaries -- I quote from an article appearing in Sunday's The Ponca City News, which purports to be about Barack Obama's connection with my home town:

The article, which included considerable biographical information about Obama's mother, largely escaped notice until Ponca City resident and blogger Hugh Pickens read a post by 1988 Ponca City High School graduate Dale Smith about the article. Pickens has written about Obama's family on his blog, "Ponca City We Love You," at http://peacecorpsonline.typepad.com/poncacityweloveyou/. [emphasis mine]
I can't blame the home town paper for declining to give out the super-secret URL of my precious, precious blog. It's not the kind of thing respectable people put in print, say out loud, or think about.

The Hugh Pickens piece that brought me to worldwide fame is worth a read if you're interested in the Obama-Ponca City connection. The president's mother spent a few years living in Ponca City, and even spent a year of her schooling in Roosevelt Elementary, home of the Roughriders and the Roughriders creed, which we wore as large back tattoos reversed to be readable in a mirror. Mine is now largely illegible.

I am already bored with fame, but I am open-minded about its trappings. I stand ready and willing to give fortune a fair try.

The blog post of mine that Hugh Pickens referenced is here; the Washington Post article it cites is here. The real credit goes to Shane, who knew of the WaPo article because he lives in the DC area and keeps several boarders in his house who used to be gainfully employed as reporters back before the internet destroyed newspapers, human cognition, and common decency.

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