Monday, February 16, 2009

Peace, Shariah Style

Since it goes without saying that Islam is a Religion of Peace, this can't possibly be bad news:

Pakistan government officials said they struck a deal on Monday to accept a legal system compatible with Shariah law in the violent Swat region in return for peace ... “After successful negotiations, all un-Islamic laws related to the judicial system, those against the Koran and the Sunnah, would be subject to cancellation and considered null and void”
Fantastic! Accept the legal standards laid down by the creator of the universe himself and get peace too? One wonders why anyone even had to ask. You might as well demand that a group of teenagers watch a lot of TV, in exchange for which no one will pester them about hygiene. Yes, something like that:
Taliban leaders have proscribed what they call un-Islamic activities by residents, including watching television, dancing and shaving beards, and they have sometimes beheaded offenders. The penalties are regularly, and terrifyingly, announced over radio stations under the militants’ control. Tens of thousands of residents of the area, which was once a popular tourist spot and considered a mainstream part of the country, have fled the intimidation and violence.
These people are fleeing god and peace! Apparently they really want to watch TV, shave their beards, dance, and keep their heads intact. The creator of the universe has capable spokesmen who know better. Life under Shariah is about choices -- miserable, rotten, dispiriting choices.

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