Saturday, February 7, 2009

Playing Vulture

I tried playing vulture to Circuit City's carcass earlier today but found nothing worth purchasing, despite the Moral Imperative to Revive Aggregate Demand (hereafter MIRAD, although I probably won't use it again).

I had hoped to find replacement toner cartridges for the printer and possibly score a point-and-shoot camera at a steep discount, maybe something like this one. Evidently all the other vultures had the same thought because the point-and-shoot cameras and toner cartridges were thoroughly picked over.

Interestingly (or not, depending on your interests) the inventory of DSLR cameras looked as solid as ever despite the loud signs blaring of discounts. Evidently all the other vultures have reached the same conclusion as I have about DSLR cameras: they're interesting gadgets in their way, but more camera than I need or want, and a lot to lug around.

The store's inventory of flat-screen televisions seemed pretty strong too, although plenty of people were looking at them as they milled around -- not that its easy or even possible to look away from the gigantic mesmerizing wall of screens all playing the same stupid movie. Even the HUGELY DISCOUNTED prices on those seem too high. Sadly, almost everything on tee-vee is still going to subtract IQ points, drain life force, and induce despair for the entire human experiment if presented on a flat screen.

It suspect Best Buy and other competitors of Circuit City can learn a lot from closely observing the patterns of what sells and when as this liquidation winds down. I expect they will take some set of lessons from it, whether valid or not, sharpen the lessons to a point, and proceed to try to screw us with it.

Soon enough, demand and supply will find a meeting point on every last item there at the Circuit City I visited, whereupon the building will become just another bedraggled husk on the landscape. Good times.

Update: I can't believe I forgot to add this: if you're in the Portland area and lucky enough to be in a position of buying audio or video equipment for home or car, go to Home Video Library. They're old school -- not even a proper web site! -- but they know their stuff and they're good people. This is not a paid announcement, nor even a "please mention us on your blog" wink-wink announcement. Nor am I related to anyone with a financial stake in the place. I've had good experiences there, that's all.

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