Friday, February 20, 2009

Sins by Sex

As you can see from this helpful chart showing the Vatican's latest findings concerning the gendered nature of sin, if you're into lust and gluttony, you're probably a dude, whereas if you're into pride and envy, you're probably a chick -- that's a dude or a chick in the eyes of the Lord God Almighty Esq., where it counts.

We've seen this approach to marketing many times before -- Luna Bars for women, Clif Bars for men; the Lifetime channel for women, SpikeTV for men; Count Chocula for girls, Frankenberry for boys, etc. -- and the purpose is always to use the illusion of diversity to increase market share on the same underlying product. So it is here:

The report came amid Vatican concerns about the declining rate of confessions.

A recent survey of Catholics found nearly a third no longer considered confession necessary, while one in 10 considered the process an obstacle to their dialogue with God.
The Church can't long survive if people aren't filling the confession booths and accepting some priest's wisdom on how to undo their nature -- and since that's impossible, propitiate with groveling and cash donations.

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Mike said...

It's always hard on the middleman when customers figure they can get better service by doing business directly with the supplier. That applies to divine communication as much as any other commodity. Considering the lack of demonstrable results anyway, why pay for someone else to accomplish nothing, particularly when the middleman is as inept as the Catholic Church?