Saturday, February 21, 2009

Snuggie Culture Progresses Apace

When it comes to the prospect of a Snuggie-led economic recovery, the vision is hazy but the hope is vibrant:

A few cities are hosting a "Snuggie Pub Crawl," wherein a group of idiots goes around drinking at different bars whilst wearing their Snuggies. San Francisco is hosting their Snuggie Pub Crawl on March 20, and Chicago has one scheduled for April 18. Dates are still TBD for New York, L.A., Seattle, D.C., Atlanta, Denver, Dallas, Austin, and Boston.
Just look at those warm, comfortable Snuggie wearers. They look like they could use a drink (maybe not the baby) inasmuch as anyone wearing a Snuggie looks like they could use some form of immediate help. The image of thirty or fifty or a few hundred similarly dressed people stumbling from bar to bar may seem terrifying and depressing, but that's what they said about Roosevelt's New Deal at first too. Really it's an image of stolid perseverance and uplifting solidarity, which is what we need now.

Join the vanguard. Drink in a wearable fleece blanket. Keep hope alive.


larryniven said...

For some reason this made me think that we'll know Snuggies have made it when there are zombies in them. Drinking is one thing, but in order to gain any real credibility as a good garment to wear while stumbling around, I feel like you have to be popular amongst zombies.

coffee said...

anyone can buy a Snuggie in lieu of having a special someone to snuggle them back

Dale said...

Coffee, yes indeed. The Snuggie replaces love -- going beyond that, the Snuggie replaces basic mammalian warmth. Hail Snuggie!