Monday, February 23, 2009

Take That, Stereotypes!

It turns out the New York man who beheaded his wife for slighting his honor was indeed dedicated to the last to flouting stereotypes about Islamic misogyny. The Buffalo News reports that

Aasiya Z. Hassan was stabbed several times before being beheaded Feb. 12, and authorities still aren’t sure whether she was alive when she was decapitated.

Sources close to the case also have confirmed that Hassan was attacked with hunting knives.

“The certificate of death is going to say stab wounds and decapitation,” one law-enforcement source familiar with the case told The Buffalo News. [emphasis mine]
See? He didn't just cut off her head with the big sword, but may well have done the actual killing by stabbing his wife with, of all things, hunting knives. That's not old school honor killing at all.

Consider your cultural perspectives broadened.

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