Friday, February 13, 2009

Two Years of Honest Doubting

Today marks the two year blogiversary of this precious, precious blog. Over 2,337 posts, I have given my seven readers a vivid taste of my mood swings, dished out my rare (arguably not rare enough) insights on the world, and provided a disappointingly PG-13 landing for such google search terms such as "gay sex police," "speedo buns," "hymen fish," and "faith big ass" -- all actual google searches that have placed readers somewhere in these vaults over the last week.

You'd be surprised how often people across the world use google to search for "gay sex police." Welcome, troubled searchers!

Thank you for reading, commenting, arguing, provoking, and inspiring. I hope that "if it's interesting to me, it's probably interesting to seven people somewhere in the world" will continue to hold up.

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