Thursday, February 12, 2009

Veritably Bare: On Coffins, Circuses and Civilian Awareness

SisBen, keeper of the Veritably Bare blog, has continued the discussion on showing versus restricting photos of coffins and body bags:

While I think there are some empathetic souls who would be able to make the connection with the reality of what those coffins mean, I think there are far more who would make them into a spectacle. The political and media circus would use them to promote their agenda du jour. If it's an anti-war day, then the coffins would be seen as a reason to "bring 'em all home". If it's a pro-war day, then the coffins would be used as a rallying cry--"Don't let them die in vain!" The media is only in it for profit, anyway, and would use them to sell newspapers or advertisements or magazines.
She makes a good case that's worth reading in full.

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Well, hell! I did something I don't usually do. I commented before comming here and reading for my self. I based my comment on your comment to Laurie. Doh!

ok...color me

Yeah, media sucks.