Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Deaths to Wish For

I am reliably informed that each of us must die, and that being so, there's something to be said for doing it in an interesting fashion:

Muhamad Anwar, 32, bled to death on his way to hospital after being mauled by [Komodo dragons] at Loh Sriaya, in eastern Indonesia's Komodo National Park, the park's general manager Fransiskus Harum told CNN.

"The fisherman was inside the park when he went looking for sugar-apples. The area was forbidden for people to enter as there are a lot of wild dragons," Harum said.
I don't mean to say I would wish it on anyone, but I have to admire the simplicity -- the utter, untroubled naturalness -- of being mauled to death by gigantic lizards. Death by shark, big cat, wolf, or bear hits the same romantic note, one notably missed by, say, death by peanut allergy or death by shoddily-manufactured dialysis machine.

"I was gathering sugar-apples when the lizards struck" -- yes. That dialogue belongs to a well-ended life.

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