Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fellow Liberals, We Need to Talk

Fellow liberals, we need to hitch up our big-boy and big-girl diapers and cease the transmission of the "Rush hates America" meme. For starters, who cares what Rush thinks of America or anything else? But it goes beyond that.

Like most other nominal and actual leaders of the Wide Stance party, Rush Limbaugh does not want the country to fall apart -- at least not "fall apart" enough to interrupt his lucrative radio gig or stop timely home delivery of pizza. That he fails to connect his nihilistic policy preferences with social decline is, of course, regrettable, but it's nothing more than a restatement of what we already know -- that Rush is an avatar of contemporary American conservatism. Nihilistic short-sighted selfishness is what they do; it is the very maw at the center of their distinctive blackness.

At the same time, no, Limbaugh does not want President Obama to be regarded as a successful president, because that means Obama will be re-elected in 2012 instead of some nihilistic vampire more to the liking of movement conservatism.

Similarly, opponents of the Bush-Cheney-Halliburton junta didn't actually want full-on social collapse, even if it meant exposing Bush's deep idiocy. We wanted Bush to fail in the political sense: we wanted the public to come to regard him as criminally incompetent, intellectually vacant, and not worthy of the presidency. We wanted that taint to flow to other members of the party, as far and as widely as possible.

But we wanted RV sales, innovations in "energy drinks," and house-flipping to go on unabated. A nation demanded then as it demands now, "we want a new bubble to start inflating forthwith!" (I stole that last bit from The Onion, albeit not verbatim.)

So it is with the Wide Stance now. They want, somehow, for the country to succeed while the Democratic party fails. This is called politics. Sometimes it is messy; sometimes unkind things are said. Let's grow up and leave the shallow accusations of treason where they belong, in the sewers of fake outrage (FoxNews, right wing radio, etc.).


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