Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Monkey Blogging

Seth MacFarlane explains the delicate tensions between science and religion better than anyone else posting original cartoon shorts to youtube today:

Our monkey cousins have been much in the news of late, from plotting war in Sweden to carrying out very real attacks in Connecticut.

On a recent Adam Carolla podcast, Carolla and his guest -- David Allen Grier if memory serves -- suggested that chimpanzees attack in very particular ways: they go for the face in order to disable the jaw, so their opponent cannot bite; and soon after, they go for the genitals, so their opponent cannot rape. Adam Carolla is not a chimpanzee expert, nor was his guest, but the jaw part of it sounds credible given the manner in which the chimp attacked the Connecticut woman. I honestly don't want to know if the attack in Connecticut confirms the genitals attack pattern.

Don't mess with chimps.

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