Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hey Australia! Please Ban Me!

Read this as slowly and carefully as you like, but it says what it says, and seemingly from a reputable source:

The Australian communications regulator says it will fine people who hyperlink to sites on its blacklist, which has been further expanded to include several pages on the anonymous whistleblower site Wikileaks ... ACMA's blacklist does not have a significant impact on web browsing by Australians today but sites contained on it will be blocked for everyone if the Federal Government implements its mandatory internet filtering censorship scheme.
The government of Australia has developed a blacklist of web sites it doesn't like, and threatens to fine people who link to them. And maybe it will outright "filter" these sites if the fines do not succeeed. It's 2009, right? I mean, I would expect banned hyperlinks if this were still the 1500s. Back then, you couldn't blog about your own belly-button without someone calling a magistrate or bishop.

This is insane. But it is also the knocking of opportunity at the door. What do I need to do to get this precious, precious blog on Australia's banned web sites list?


larryniven said...

No luck yet:

Dale said...

Whoa. I feel dirty just reading some of those URLs.

All we can do is try to outrage someone of high rank in Australia. I do my best, but I can't compete with what I see there -- or what I think I see there. I don't want to see what I think I see there. See?

Anonymous said...

I'm such an ignroranimus, no, wait, it's ignoraminus, either way, I never heard of wikileaks before Australia banned it.