Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kim Songs & Beyond

True to form, it sounds as though Sonic Youth's next album, The Eternal, will aim at least one song directly at the groin of the listener:

“Malibu Gas Station,” a fierce, tightly wound rocker anchored by Steve Shelley’s insanely precise beat and Moore and Ranaldo’s sparking guitar chords. Production notes for the track say that it’s “an ode to the flash moment of the camera as you knowingly step from your SUV sans panties.” (Lindsay Lohan, anyone?) With a subject like that, you know [Kim] Gordon — a California native — is on lead vocals. And her contribution puts the track over the top when she quips in her feral-kitten purr lyrics like “I can’t move faster/ My face feels plastered.”
Previous groin-directed songs include "Kim Gordon & The Arthur Doyle Hand Cream" from Sonic Nurse (which is really about Mariah Carey, and is even listed that way in many contexts, but it really doesn't matter), "Kool Thing" from Goo, and arguably the foundation of the enterprise, the cover of Madonna's "Into the Groove."

My French is not so good any more so I don't really know (or much care) what this song's lyrics are about: Monade's "Entre Chien et Loup" from Monstre Cosmic; I can say that I'm glad someone finally had the good sense to put it on the youtubes.

Last but surely not least, it's new album day for U2 and Neko Case.

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