Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nat'l Grammar Day

I had no idea that today, March 4, was National Grammar Day. Huzzah!

Traditionally, we celebrate with malt liquor, s'mores, and discussions of English usage -- this year's topic: its versus it's. The pace of the discussion increases with the drunkenness and the sugar dosing, and the first to make an intoxication-induced solecism is crowned Grammar Fairy for the year, entitling him to a free small order of curly fries at participating Dairy Queen restaurants* and the Grammar Fairy Crown, traditionally made of toilet paper, fiberglass scraps, and spent Sharpie pens.

Even the most powerful have their difficulties with grammar:

(Downfall remix via SPOGG)

* None actually participates.

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Anonymous said...

National Grammar day is TOMORROW, March 4th. Today is Wednesday March 3rd.