Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Neko Case on Spinner

In case you missed it, Neko Case was recently interviewed and featured on Spinner, which captured this very nice, if pared down, performance of the title track from Middle Cyclone:

In an effort to push back against my impulse to turn this precious, precious blog into even more of a Neko Case and/or Middle Cyclone fan site, I've taken to chipping in occasional updates, corrections, links, and other miscellany to my earlier post, Middle Cyclone, Epic. I've created a tag for that post to make it easy to find, should anyone feel the urge to find it (tag = Middle Cyclone). I plan to continue updating that post for as long as Middle Cyclone occupies such a central place in my overall musical fandom, which could be a long time. It contains multitudes, and I really love the multitudes it contains.

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