Friday, March 13, 2009

There Will Be Blood?

If you're on your way into a business meeting and even somewhat fresh from the experience of watching the closing scenes of There Will Be Blood, is this what you want to see just outside the room where the meeting will take place?

No. No it is not.

Then again, maybe it depends. Do you see yourself as the Daniel Plainview in the proposition about to be hashed out, or as the Eli Sunday?

If you ask me, the bowling pins suggest all too clearly: someone's straw is going into someone's milkshake, after which there might be blood.


J. Carter Wood said...

I haven't seen There Will Be Blood, so my first cinema association involves someone's rug getting peed on.

Which is a shame, since it really tied the room together.

Dale said...

JCW, I recommend you see it, but here's a warning -- there might be blood. Meanwhile, hold on to the pee-on-the-rug association for as long as you can. It really does tie the room together. Dude.