Sunday, March 1, 2009

Visuals from a Misspent Sunday

When was the last time a full tank of gas cost anyone $6.99? It's scandalous! If only I could have brought along a tanker truck and filled it with the $.68/gallon gasoline. And yet I suspect the fees from the tanker truck would have canceled out all the savings.

Naturally, I took the money saved on gas and put it into pancakes. Well, waffles and pancakes, and that's where I saw this:

I don't know about you, but when I come across any sign that begins with "It is Pig'n Pancake's policy ..." I sit up and take notice. I don't necessarily take a decent photograph, but I take notice.

For purposes of this blog post, a common misconception about Pig'n Pancake is that the 'n is a time-saving abbreviation for the overlong English word and, and therefore the restaurant's name conveys to would-be diners that they can eat pig flesh with their pancakes, i.e., "Get your cooked pig and your pancakes all in one place!"

But this is wrong. Pig'n is actually a contraction of pigging, an adjectival present participle -- along the lines of loving daughter, running water, founding father -- that the founding fathers and mothers of Pig'n Pancake hoped would sweep the English-speaking world. It did not, and therefore we don't commonly speak of having had a pigging stack of pancakes or having seen a pigging movie or having lived through a pigging morning. It's less clear what pigging might have meant, but I think they hoped it would come to be a term of approbation.

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