Monday, March 23, 2009

Will You Be Someone's Stunt-Butt?

Have you ever dreamed of serving as Timothy Hutton's stunt-butt but never knew how to get started? If you live in the Portland area, an opportunity has been tossed into your very lap:

Rutabaga Background Casting, a division of Lana Veenker Casting, is currently seeking stand-ins for the series regulars on "Leverage." Stand-ins will be used for 15 episodes and will start working daily very soon in Portland, Oregon, continuing through the beginning of September.
In fact, the call is for convincing stunt-butts for all of the improbably beautiful people shown in the image above. I could possibly pull off the first guy on the left, Christian Kane -- I have that arms-crossed smirk down cold, so much so that I wonder if he stole it from me -- but I'd either have to grow my hair out dramatically or wear a wig, two things I hate more than not realizing my dream of being someone's stunt-butt.

You may suspect that this post mostly serves as an excuse to use the phrase stunt-butt. That suspicion would not be completely baseless.

A couple of other brief mentionables about the magic of moving pictures:
  • The Film Talk is addressing whether there is a Best Film Ever Made, and if so, what it is. Of course there is! The best film ever made is, of course, L'Avventura, La Dolce Vita, Winter Light, The Proposition, Magnolia, Branagh's Hamlet, Olivier's Hamlet, Groundhog Day, Citizen Kane, The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, Dr. Strangelove, Better Off Dead, The Return of the King, and several others.
  • It is not The Best Film Ever Made as assessed in terms of the quality of its screenplay, acting, direction, or what have you, but it does tell the story of arguably the greatest runner in recorded history, Haile Gebrselassie. I speak of Endurance, and if nothing else, it serves to remind most of us how small and trivial our hardships are. Whatever its cinematic shortcomings -- and I fear I am unfairly exaggerating them here, rest assured I have seen far worse -- it is a vast treasury of inspiration for runnners and non-runners alike.


Mike said...

Stunt butt,eh? well, if pale and pimply is what they need, I'm the man.

twoblueday said...

I have, as the author of the column you linked to seemed to have, an issue with "best of" sorts of things. I can say without a doubt I've enjoyed some movies more than others, but since I don't expect more of movies than that they entertain me, I hardly involve myself in their "artistic" or social merit.

To diverge a bit, I consider the Academy Awards to be nothing but an extended infomerical, relieved only by breaks for shorter commercials. How is this relevant to today's discussion? Well, only in the sense of an entire industry devoting itself to a sort of hierarchical approach to movie-making, ranking them.

As for sports movies, whether presented as dramatic fiction, or documentaries, they leave me pretty cold. Mr. Gebreselassie likes to run, he runs well, he has won some races, he has set some records. There, that's the story, to me of that gentleman. And I'll add that of all the sports, I find running more interesting than most.

I know I invited myself to your blog, and some things I say seem contentious. I honestly don't mean them that way, I like reading posts which prod my often somnolent brain, and I muse in writing via comments.

Dale said...

Mike, what can it hurt to try out? ;-)

twoblue, I share your skepticism toward "best ever" designations. It can make sense in cases where there's a direct, clear measurement: Usain Bolt ran 100 meters faster than anyone else ever has. OK!

But so many endeavors don't fit the mold. I don't know what that would even mean with something as broad and varied as movies. I find it interesting as an observer of our species that we fall so readily into these crazy discussions -- best ever novel, quarterback, poet, philosopher, basketball player, etc.

Your comments are always welcome (within reasonable limits) -- please don't draw any negative inference if I don't reply to each one. Sometimes it means I'm just lazy, more often it just means I have nothing to add that interests me or foreseeably interests anyone else.