Monday, April 13, 2009

The Game

The pirate's life is one of lawless derring-do, casual violence, reckless adventure, perhaps an element of romance. Omar from The Wire was something of a pirate:

As pirates will -- as the game in which they're engaged demands -- Omar came to an ignominious and bloody end, and so it is with real-life pirates:

The rescue of Captain Phillips required just three remarkable shots — one each by snipers firing from a distance, using night-vision scopes, according to Vice Adm. William E. Gortney, commander of American naval forces in the region. Within minutes, rescuers slid down ropes from the Bainbridge, climbed aboard the lifeboat and found the three pirates dead. They then untied Captain Phillips, ending the contretemps at sea that had riveted much of the world’s attention.

The Navy Seals acted with President Obama’s authorization and in the belief that Captain Phillips was in imminent danger of being killed, the officials said. Two of the captors had poked their heads out of a rear hatch of the lifeboat, exposing themselves to clear shots, and the third could be seen through a window in the bow, pointing an automatic rifle at the captain, who was tied up inside the 18-foot lifeboat, they said.
The game will be the game.

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Bpaul said...

Omar is the BOMB.