Friday, April 17, 2009

Goalpost Sighted?

Rod Dreher, who lives bathed in a persistent cold sweat over the supposed harm that married gay people might do to The Precious Institution of Marriage, has this and only this to say of Mel Gibson's impending divorce:

Files for divorce after 28 years of marriage. No reasons given, and absent that, not much any of us can say, except to make the entirely obvious and banal observation that that man has some pretty serious demons, in the same way that China has a lot of people. [emphasis mine]
Suddenly there is "not much any of us can say" about someone else's plan to change his/her marital status? These are the words of Rod Dreher!? Neat!

I realize I am aiming for a goalpost that is never likely to slow down, let alone stop moving, but does this mean that if gay people can show that they lack "some pretty serious demons," it's OK for them to get married if they so choose? If they make the best, bloodiest, most tricked-out snuff film of Jesus they can possibly afford, will this qualify them in Dreher's mind as safe-for-marriage?

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Anonymous said...

I liked what Christoper Hitchens had to say about Mel Gibson and his father.

Hitchens referred to opus dei as an outfit mostly consisting of "hack actor" Mel Gibson and his father.

Since I don't watch slasher films, I didn't watch The Passion of the Christ.