Sunday, April 5, 2009

Language and Lust: "Pink Steam"

Sonic Youth's "Pink Steam" is a lust song for grown-ups. Maybe the first several lyric-free minutes of the song are just Sonic Youth's characteristic noodling, but I prefer to think of the extended musical interlude as a silent commentary on all the paeans to lust that have gone before it and said and re-said everything worth saying. Or maybe it's a representation of everything that's unexpressable about the workings of the libido: by the time you've found words for it, the best is over.

Thurston Moore / Sonic Youth, "Pink Steam"

I just come by to run you over
I just come by to see you quiver
You can come you can slip inside babe
Killer eyes and a burnin' heart babe

Don't you know you need no other
I'm the man who loves you mother
Open up your arms to me girl
Let me feel your wild heart beat girl

Sweet lips flowers and cream
Deep in love surrender pink steam
Deep in love you need no other
Deep in love you lonely lover

Feel your wild heart beat
Lonely lover
Open up to me
Lonely mother

Your sweet lips on mine
Like flowers and cream
Killer, killer eyes
Surrender pink steam

Here is another nice live performance; nice but for the fact that the lower frequencies coming from stage overwhelmed the equipment used to record it.

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