Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Not All Fights

Max Fisher has sighed deeply, clenched his fist, and taken the time to detail some of the travails of vegetarianism as he experiences them: his account features phrases such as "learning to accept," "fundamentally immoral," "vegetarianism making sense to me in the abstract but seeming impossible in the actual," "overcome the fears," "changed lives." And all that comes by the fourth paragraph!

Apparently I'm doing vegetarianism the wrong way, because my experience is nothing as overwrought as all that. It's all but unnoticeable, in fact. Among friends and family, I accept or decline food when offered, and its rare that this should require a prolonged, let alone agonizing, explanatory digression. In restaurants, I read menus and make selections. At the grocer, I generally know what I'm putting in the cart, but if not, I read the label and make a choice. No one's feelings are exposed; no bonds of affection are strained to any limits; no tears, trials, or revelations of character are needed.

As someone with an endless appetite (so to speak) for certain fights that others report finding pointless, I suppose I should find a lesson lurking somewhere nearby.

Maybe. But to Max Fisher's histrionics, I will borrow a reply from Sergeant Hulka given to the character of Francis in this perfect scene from Stripes.

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