Saturday, April 4, 2009

Not Change

Something must qualify as "change" before it can even be worth evaluating as "change we can believe in," and this is not change:

Brennan's argument is that release of the memos might embarrass allies who helped us torture prisoners. He might even be right. But if that makes foreign intelligence services more cautious about helping us commit war crimes in the future, that would be a argument in favor of releasing the memos, not against it.
The context is a going dispute in the Obama White House over whether to release Bush-Cheney-era memos on the treatment of detainees. Any White House in which the view imputed here to Brennan is not rejected out of hand is not a White House worthy of support.

Those who commit war crimes, and those who assist in the commission of war crimes, deserve embarrassment, public opprobrium, and all the lawful penalties -- nothing more and nothing less.