Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reason Goes Weekly (And Then Some)

Reason Weekly is holding a vote on the best spoof of the asinine, bigoted, insulting anti-gay ad. I am voting for Stephen Colbert's entry, but all the entries are worthy. Vote!

While you're over there, take a moment to consider Reason Weekly's "What's the Harm" feature. It abundantly answers a question frequently put to active, vocal, unpleasant, terrible, horrible, no good, very bad atheists and other skeptics: namely, what's the harm of believing in baseless bullshit? It's a fair question, and its multi-faceted answer is available to those who pose it from a good-faith desire to discover the answer. Those posing it merely as a rhetorical gambit are probably better-served to devote the energy instead to coming up with a remotely convincing argument against gay marriage, for adding religion to science education, for destroying the church-state wall, for negating the rights of women, or whatever the current theocratic fancy.

Speaking of all that, is this a joke or do they mean it?

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