Sunday, April 26, 2009

Run for the Cheetah 2009: Almost Like Cheating

I completed the Run for the Cheetah 8K today and did reasonably well (35:01 time, 7:03 pace, 10th place overall) but it felt like cheating: every inch of the course is very familar to me, with about 85% of it -- including 100% of its toughest hills -- overlapping with one of my regular training runs. I could have run it with my eyes closed, although I might have been tempted to peek during that ~15% that I've only run about 20 or 30 times before.

None of which is to disparage the course, a challenging stretch of steep hills in and near Portland's Washington Park, beginning and ending at the Oregon Zoo. I run these hills so regularly because they are beautiful all days, hours, and seasons. It never fails to thrill me to draw near enough to the zoo to hear the calls of the animals there -- elephants, primates, birds, and even, from time to time, the big cats. It's a fine prize for having climbed those nasty hills.

Speaking of big cats, I am glad to say the proceeds of this race went to cheetah conservation. Cheetahs are amazing.

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