Sunday, April 12, 2009

Seaside: A Town by the Sea

The demands of parenthood took me to Seaside over the weekend, a trip from which I now present the most searing images I was fortunate enough to capture.

A cluster of noisily feasting seagulls alerted us to this curious fish carcass. It was missing its head and its back had a substantial bite taken out of it, proof that seagulls are not finicky feeders.

Maybe they are the winged rats of the coasts, but seagulls are capable of being quite exquisite creatures if they take the time to wash and gussy up.

There is probably a name for this hill rising straight out of the water at the southern edge of Seaside, but I don't know the name.

Dry sand wind-blown across wet sand.

"The turnaround," featuring bronzed versions of Lewis and Clark marking the westernmost point of the trail for which they're famous.

I could say we made this sand castle ourselves, but that would not make it true.

For those who know Seaside mainly because the Hood to Coast relay ends there, this is how the turnaround and the surrounding beach look when the beach isn't crawling with several thousand weary runners.

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