Thursday, April 9, 2009

Speak For Yourself

I am married. Part of what unsettles me about the right-wing rhetoric against gay marriage is the implication that I am involved in the institution they have in mind when they say things like the following, quoted from these insipid "talking points":

Marriage is between a husband and wife. The people of [this state] do not want marriage to be anything but that ... Marriage is about bringing together men and women so children can have mothers and fathers ... Love is a great thing. But marriage isn’t just any kind of love; it’s the special love of husband and wife for each other and their children.
With or without gay marriage, these are contested assertions. Whatever my status with the county records, I am not on the side making these assertions about the nature of marriage, its history as a social construction, or the grounds for its legitimacy.

And notice how this is from a "talking points" list, so they're purposely evading all the god-soaked twaddle that typically accompanies more candid formulations -- e.g., "what our favorite god has joined together ..." As there was no space ghost present at my wedding, the more candid version is all the more alien. I am not on that side, and never have been; the bigots do not speak for me.

Update: LarryNiven has more choice comments on the content at nation for marriage dot org.


Mike said...

Dale, I find the idea that "Marriage is about bringing together men and women so children can have mothers and fathers" interesting. Do they imply that once the children grow up and no longer need parents the marriage should end? Suppose a married couple finds out they can't have kids; should they divorce? I have a granddaughter who was born with a genetic defect that means she can't have kids; can she get married?

As they said,those are talking points, not thinking ones.

Anonymous said...

Every time I think of something needing a definition, I'll definitely ask a "christian".

Dale said...

Mike, two, they just string words together, don't they? They don't speak for me.