Monday, April 6, 2009

Twitter Down

I see this a lot these days, and I suppose it's my own fault for using twitter in the first place. But in a deeper, truer, sense, it's twitter's fault, and it's not flattering to their vision of ... um, whatever their vision, hope, or ambition might happen to be. Who knows? Of those who know, who cares?

Unless (I should say) their aspiration is to be the next punchline, in which case, well done, twitter! You're well on your way to Myspace-ness or AOL-ness -- the next risible little hunk of web-based ephemera that no one openly acknowledges having used.

This is the spot where I would point out that I kid twitter because I love it, but no, I kid it because it seems to be pointless, feckless garbage. But as with AOL and Myspace before it, I'm willing to ride the pony while it's still fun.

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Anonymous said...

People can reach me by snailmail, email, text message, telephone, and even, by cracky, telegram, and maybe even other ways.

Is there someone who wants to get a message to me who is unable to because I don't use twitter?