Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Unicorn > Deer

Portland's historic Made in Oregon sign (below right, source) is the subject of controversy for some reason -- presumably because there's almost nothing else worthy of our public servants' time -- and The Portland Mercury's Matt Davis has opened the worldwide floor to redesign ideas. He had the good sense to illustrate his solicitation with the entry that should win any such contest, that of Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis, featuring the very quintessence of Portland iconography, the unicorn (above, awesome).

All of which is, I hope, good enough reason to have posted SJKP's image at the top of this post. If this image isn't gracing the Portland skyline by this time next year, the terrorists will have won and all our ancestors will have striven in vain.*

I am roughly as good at the graphical arts as I am at keeping my half-baked opinions to myself, but if this is your kind of thingy, get those contest details here.

* Well ... if it's still under construction but they're making steady progress toward the unicorn design a year from now, the terrorists will not quite have won, nor will our ancestors have striven entirely in vain. These things take time.

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Dale said...

D'oh! I had to correct this to link to the post on which SJKP's image was first loosed upon the world: that link again.