Thursday, April 23, 2009

Waterboarding Sean Hannity

No, I have no interest in seeing Sean Hannity allow himself to be waterboarded only to rise and continue lying about it. Sean Hannity's personal experiences do not impinge on the question in any important way. Waterboarding Sean Hannity would be an attention-whoring gimmick, a phony simulation, and worse, too indulgent of the idiotic, debasing premise that human beings should be debating the legal and moral status of waterboarding.

This, however, would interest me slightly: Sean Hannity's public avowal, sworn on the holy book of his very favorite god, that he repudidates every accusation (moral, legal, or other) of every waterboarder in history. This includes every fascist, communist, Islamist, and every other enemy of the USA that might have deployed it.

I would be slightly interested to hear Sean Hannity publicly affirm that all such condemnations, accusations, and prosecutions were wrong-headed, misguided, and unjust. I would like to hear him declare to the world that every instance of waterboarding ever done to anyone was a legal and ethical triviality, one that passes beneath the concern of serious people.

From Sean Hannity and all other home-team apologists for torture, I would like to see that. To affirm this would be to affirm what civilized people already know to be false, but it cannot hurt to be utterly clear about where the pro-torture faction stands in relation to civilized human conduct.

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