Monday, April 6, 2009

Worth Amplifying

Further to my previous post about Rep. Bachmann: it's one thing to sew loathing, fear, and paranoia; it's another thing to sew paranoia that's specifically attuned to pique the sensibilities of the best-armed, least-informed, and most violence-prone among us; it is yet still another to do the above while simultaneously avowing your commitment to a world-picture that favors restraint, humility, prudence, and the limits of what we can foresee.

To a gun-happy right-wing lunatic, the likes of Glenn Beck and Michelle Bachmann constitute lesser-of-two-evils figures, broadly sympathetic but for their maddening tendency to compromise with the despised liberal-left. The Bachmanns and Becks are too mainstream -- too prudent, too wavering, too cautious, too conservative in their conservatism.

That they are speaking publicly from the far right's crib sheet represents a uniquely potent vindication of their darkest fantasies.

Bachmann, Beck, and other self-styled conservatives truly are playing with fire.

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