Sunday, May 31, 2009

Against Abortion? Put a Bullet in Someone

The full picture is only just emerging, but it appears that one of the sanctity-of-human-life types has shot a man dead:

Dr. George Tiller ... was shot and killed at his church Sunday morning ... Tiller, 67, was one of the few U.S. physicians who still performed late-term abortions ... Sunday afternoon, authorities took a man into custody near Kansas City after stopping a car that matched a description of the killer's getaway vehicle ...
It's too bad on so many levels: too bad for those close to Dr. Tiller; too bad that a man who dedicated his career to women's health and reproductive freedom is now dead; and it's too bad that this situation has already begun spawning so many tedious tugs-of-war over whether this cold-blooded murder carried out inside a church is a Jesus-approved tactic.

Above all, perhaps, it's too bad that all those unwanted children that were bound to be adopted, lovingly raised, and responsibly nurtured by this "pro-life" enthusiast will now go on being unwanted since the enthusiast in question will spend the next several years tied up in the legal process and criminal justice system.

No, all those adoptions that were such a matter of arithmetic inevitability this time ysterday seem vanishingly unlikely now. What a pity.

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