Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rep. Culberson: A Titan Among the Stupid

The good people at Think Progress have assembled a nice compilation of Congressman John Culberson's staggeringly incoherent statement on gay marriage:

If your head doesn't hurt enough after listening to that, zero in on this part of the statement, which is, let's recall, part of a larger statement in which the Congressman demands that governments legislate significant details of human pair bonds:

Their private life is their private business. I’m fundamentally a libertarian at heart. And I do believe in the 10th amendment. I don’t want to hear about somebody’s private behavior ... fundamentally, the right of privacy’s fundamental. I’m not interested — what people do at home’s their own business.
He's a "libertarian at heart," so what's the proper label for this scattered mess he's just pulled out of his ass?

This is just sloppy work. The lack of practice in reciting the scripts is clear for all to see -- he's not keeping the usual casuistries straight at all.

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larryniven said...

Casuistries, eh? That is one sweet word.